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  USSE Server Edition
  USB Security Storage Expert (USSE) Server Edition  
  USSE Server Edition is a computer information
security monitoring system with USB
  USB Security Storage Expert (USSE)Desktop Edition  
  USSE Desktop Edition is a USB port monitoring software developed for small businesses or institutional organizations.  
  FDC is a security software installs in a USB stick or removable hard disk to prevent leakage of confidential data.  




USSE2012 Server Feature Matrix



Console User Authentication


Console User Authentication

Console User Login Encryption

Computer Usage Permissions


· Online Computer Detection

· Offline Computer Detection

· USB permissions when computer is offline

· Windows safe mode user permissions

Network Features


· Client remote installation

· Client remote uninstallation

· Client remote shutdown

· Client remote restart

· Central management of client USB permissions

USB Permissions Management


· USB  storage device permissions (Blocked, read-only, write-only, Allowed)

· Registered authorized USB storage device permissions (Blocked, read-only, write-only, Allowed)

· Registered unauthorized USB storage device permissions (Blocked, read-only, write-only, Allowed)

· Authorized USB stick transparent  encryption

· Authorized USB stick transparent  decryption

· Sector-based USB stick encryption

· USB stick encryption key customization

USB stick block encryption register

Encrypted Block 1 permission for out-of-company usage (password authentication, read-only)

Encrypted Block 1 permission for out-of-company usage (password authentication, read-only, printer, clipboard, etc.)

· Non-standard USB  storage device (Blocked, Allowed)

· Control over mobile phones (Blocked, Allowed)

Group-based permission management

Server-range-based permission management

USB permission instant effective

Log Audit


USB plugging logs

File operation logs

Client online/offline logs

System user logs

Block encrypted disk file operation logs for out-of-company usage

System Configuration


Client auto-grouping

Advanced client management

Client upgrade IP range customization

Client logo display control

Client shortcuts control

Highlights in Console for over-certain-days offline clients

Server Login IP range control in the Console

Multi-server load

Traffic throttle control

AD domain sync to third-party (NovelIBMSunOne) servers

Enable user authentication

System user management

Password policy customization

Computer group, identity group, and user account import

Client Management Factors


Computer Factor

User Factor

Client Installation


Client installation (silent /normal installation)

Shared installation

Web installation

Console remote installation

Domain distribution installation

Customized client installation file generation

Peripheral Control

Printer control (Blocked /Allowed)

Internal CD/DVD writer control  (Blocked /Read-only /Allowed)

USB CD/DVD writer  (Blocked /Read-only /Allowed)

USB CD/DVD writer registration

Bluetooth, infrared, MODEM, COM port, PLA port, Wireless Card

Floppy, Tape, 1394 firewire, SCSI, PCMCIA  card



USB device permission (Blocked) after client software is deleted maliciously

Client auto upgrade

SD card registration

File backup setting

Large capacity client load

Support un-encrypted registration of WD Mypassport

Database Maintenance

Database auto-backup

File backup management

Log dumping (Manual or Auto)

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