USSE Server Edition

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USSE Server Edition

USSE Server Edition is a computer information security monitoring system with USB port screening and control, as well as real-time monitoring capabilities. It controls reading and writing to USB storage devices in Windows infrastructure level via USB storage protocols, it automatically identifies USB storage devices and thoroughly prevents data leakage from computer USB ports. USSE includes three main components:

USSE Server Edition is elaborately designed for working with scalable network environment, user customized network environment, and network environment without Windows domain management.


Main Features:

1. Central Management
USSE uses C/S architecture. The server side monitors status of every client centrally and controls all clients remotely. Meanwhile, the read and write permissions of USB ports for all clients can be configured remotely via the Console.

2. Dual Permission Authentication
USSE enables clients to set dual (user and computer) Permission Authentication feature. i.e. permission for USB devices connected to clients cannot be authorized until computer logon is successful and the user authentication is passed.

3. Multi-Policy Permissions Management
The administrator connects to USSE Server via USSE Console to configure USB access policies. Permissions can be set for the whole server (this may affect all clients), client groups (this may affect all clients in the group), or a single USSE client.

4. Unique Write Only Feature
Users are only allowed to write files into mobile storage devices. They are not allowed to copy files out of these devices nor view file contents stored in mobile devices. This helps to prevent virus being brought to clients and comply with write only requirement.

5. Group Management
USSE groups your clients automatically to manage.

6. Identifier Control
USSE Written Identifier feature enables your computer to recognize your mobile devices and set corresponding permissions for disks with written identifiers, in order to make your USB ports open for you only.

7. Transparent Encryption & Decryption
Any USB storage device specified by customers can be encrypted, so that it can be used only on specified machines or only within company. These encrypted USB storage devices will become unusable when brought out of the company. The whole disk is encrypted with high speed that is several times faster than normal encryption. Data are difficult to restored, after the whole disk is encrypted. It is impossible for other encryption programs to do so. If you want to open an encrypted USB storage device, you can use our USSE decryption feature with corresponding administrator password.

8. The First to Manage & Control WIN CE Smart Phones
USSE is the first in the industry to support WIN CE Smart Phone management and control. It offers two modes: Read Only and Block. Users can flexibly set read and write modes of WIN CE smart phones based on their needs.

9. Smart File Backup Management
When files are copied from the client computer to a USB stick, the system automatically send a copy of the file to the server for backup. The backup file size and type can be selected. USSE also provides automatic management of backup files. Users can specifies the file size and time to delete or dump old backup files, in order to decrease hard disk load of server during long-run backup.

10. Log Feature
USSE provides detailed Administrator Console operation logs and end user USB storage devices usage logs, including system user log, client USB plugging log, client file processing log, and online and offline clients log.

11. Support Windows 7, Vista Systems (32 & 64-bit), Win 8 and Win 10.

12. Storage Devices Management & Control
USSE manages and controls USB sticks, USB card readers, SD cards, mobile hard disks, CDRW and WIN CE smart phones, etc.

13. Peripheral Hardware Management & Control
CDRW Drives, MODEMs, NICs, 3G Cards, 1394 fire wires, PCMCIA cards, infrared devices, printers and its printed contents, Memory Technology Drivers, SCSI and RAID controllers, tape devices, smart cards, storage volumes,Bluetooth, GPS devices and wireless dapaters, etc.

14. USB Sticks & Mobile Hard Disk Partition Encryption
Users can not process files in memory sticks and mobile hard disks until they get the corresponding permissions.

System Requirement:

OS: Windows2000/XP/2003/7/vista (including 64 bit), Win 8 and Win 10. Simplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese/English Version

Minimum Hardware Configuration:

CPU: Pentium 500Mhz or above

Memory: 64M

Graphic Display Card: Standard VGA 256 bit color Display or above

Hard Disk: 30MB for typical installation

Driver: 8 X speed CD-ROM or above

Recommended Hardware Configuration:

CPU: Pentium 1GHz or above

Memory: 256MB or above

Graphic Display Card: SVGA 16-bit true color display or above