USSE Desktop Edition

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USSE Desktop Edition

USSE Desktop Edition is a USB port monitoring software developed for small businesses or institutional organizations to strictly control company and personal data security. It is a safe and reliable product that controls reading and writing to USB storage devices in Windows infrastructure level via USB storage protocols, without consuming system resources.


Main Features:

1. Automatic Recognition of Plugged-in Storage Devices
It will not influence normal usage of USB mouse, printers or other non-storage devices.

2. Automatic Launch & Hidden Running
USSE cannot be deleted, terminated, uninstalled or cracked by anyone except administrators.

3. Client Interface Control Tools
These tools help administrators manage clients and set permissions.

4. Read & Write Control: Read Only, Write Only, Allow & Block Modes
USSE completely controls the read and write permissions of USB sticks, mobile hard disks, digital cameras and other devices.

5. System Infrastructure Level Control with High Response Speed & No System Resourc

6. Unique Write Only Feature
Users are only allowed to paste and create files in USB storage devices. They are not allowed to open and save files,or copy files in USB storage devices to other locations.

7. Identifier Recognition
Users can flexibly set corresponding permissions based on identifiers in mobile devices.

8. Background Encryption & Decryption without influence on User Operations
Unlike other time-consuming encryption programs that require encryption every time after copying files to mobile disks,and decryption when copying files from mobile disks to computers, disks encrypted by USSE can be used conveniently like common un-encrypted disks.

9. Support Registration of SD Cards & USB Sticks
USSE has two modes to manage and control WIN CE smart phones: Read Only and Block.

10. Compatible with Windows 7
USSE provides detailed Administrator Console operation logs and end user USB storage devices usage logs, including system user log, client USB plugging log, client file processing log, and online and offline clients log.

11. Multiple Proactive Protection against Leakage
USSE manages and controls not only storage devices, but also infrared devices, Bluetooth, 1394 fire wires, 3G Cards, printers, wireless adapters, etc. It completely prevents data leakage from client machines.

12. Protection against Uninstallation & Deletion and Automatic Fix Features on Client Side

13. Log Audit
USSE provides detailed logs on end users USB storage device usage, including USB plugging logs and file copying logs.

14. File Copy Control
USSE restricts file size and file type copied between USB devices and computers.

15. File Automatic Backu
Users can copy files on computers where USSE is installed, select backup file size and type, and automatic clean up backup files.

Storage Devices Management & Control
USSE manages and controls USB sticks, USB card readers, SD cards, mobile hard disks, CDRW and WIN CE smart phones, etc.

Peripheral Hardware Management & Control:
CDRW Drives, MODEMs, NICs, 3G Cards, 1394 fire wires, PCMCIA cards, infrared devices, printers and its printed contents, Memory Technology Drivers, SCSI and RAID controllers, tape devices, smart cards, storage volumes, Bluetooth, GPS devices and wireless adapters, etc.

System Requirement:

OS: Windows2000/XP/2003/7/vista (32 & 64 bit) Simplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese/English Version

Minimum Hardware Configuration:

CPU: Pentium 500Mhz or above

Memory: 64M

Graphic Display Card: Standard VGA 256 bit color Display or above

Hard Disk: 30MB for typical installation

Driver: 8 X speed CD-ROM or above

Recommended Hardware Configuration:

CPU: Pentium 1GHz or above

Memory: 256MB or above

Graphic Display Card: SVGA 16-bit true color display or above